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Bouquet Consists of

1x Number 1 (86cm) Foil Balloon

8 x 28cm Latex Balloon

All tied to a balloon weight

Available in 7 different Colours -

Pink Bouquet - Hot Pink Number Foil, 2 x Magenta, 2 x Light Pink, 2 x Rose Gold and 2 x Pearl Balloons

Blue Bouquet - Royal Blue Number Foil, 4 x Royal Blue, 4 x Light Blue

Rose Gold Bouquet - Rose Gold Number Foil, 4 x white and 4 x Rose Gold

Lime Bouquet - Lime Number Foil, 2 x lime, 2 x Emerald Green, 2 x Mint Green, 2 x Silver

Purple Bouquet - Purple Number Foil, 4 x Purple, 4 x Lilac


Red Bouquet - Red Number Foil, 4 x Red, 4 x Silver


Rainbow - Rainbow Numbe Foil, 8 x mixed colours.

Height of approximately 2.2m

Float time for 2-4 days

Birthday Number Jumbo Balloon Bouquet

Balloon Colours
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